4 Moments that Scream for Expert Skin Improvement


There is nothing wrong with using razors to get rid of excess body hair. It’s also not a crime to concoct a homemade skin rejuvenation cream you got from a quick online search. But you have to agree that nothing beats the work of a professional when it comes to skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

You can never be quite sure when you will need a skin specialist’s touch. Every day, our skin is exposed to different harmful substances that can leave our skin looking tired and old—imperfections like acne and blemishes may even pop up along the way.

The following skin dilemmas can be real bothersome. When your skin problem screams for expertise, that is when Aurora system’s Elos technology comes in.

When you want clearer skin


Exposure to skin-damaging substances and conditions—such as UV rays—can leave your skin flawed and vulnerable. Photo treatment is one feature of the Aurora system that treats enlarged pores, brown spots, sun-damaged skin, rosacea, angioma, and many other skin blemishes and flaws.

As a favorable plus, Elos technology stimulates the production of collagen in your facial and neck areas, leaving you with smoother, even-textured, and younger-looking skin.

When you want to get rid of acne

Blog-awfc-When-you-want-to-get-rid-of-acneAcne can be the cause of major insecurities. It can be the most disastrous thing that can happen to an individual, especially when he or she is going through important moments—wedding, prom, first date, job promotion.

Amazing Elos here makes your problems go away by killing all acne bacteria present. Furthermore, it targets select sebaceous glands, ensuring prevention of future acne appearances.

When you want smooth and hairless skin


As we mentioned earlier, there’s nothing wrong with shaving. But it’s extremely inconvenient. Do you know what’s the best thing about Elos technology? It utilizes radio frequency and optical energy heat the hair shafts and coagulate the follicles.

Well, as it turns out, it’s a high-tech hair removal treatment that can remove all hair types on all skin colors—white hair, gray, blonde, brown, black, and red.

Now, tell us, what sounds better? Shaving your underarms and legs thrice every week or using technology to your greatest convenience?

When you want a safe and comfortable treatment


There are still people that are cautious when it comes to placing technology and skin care in the same page. If you are one of those people, it will definitely comfort you to know that Elos is the safest available in skin care technology. This is possible because Elos uses Active Dermal Monitoring™ and lower required light energy levels. A lot of patients can testify to the comfort Elos brings to the treatment.

Skin care experts trust Elos technology when it comes to treating different types of skin imperfections because it’s a non-invasive skin enhancement procedure. This is a special technology that can be found in the Aurora system of skin care.

Aside from the amazing fact that it can work on all skin types, you are also assured of lasting results. Two types of energy are used here—Bipolar Radio Frequency and Broad Spectrum Light. The technology is also known to effectively rejuvenate the face, neck, chest, and arms. Of course, you will have to ready tubes of sunscreen. You will need that after your treatment.

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