When Is the Best Time to Have Painless Hair Removal Treatment?

Every once in a while we find ourselves yearning for a specific reward. We look for a certain reassurance that we deserve a little pampering here and there. Well, what better way to do it than undergoing a painless hair removal treatment in the hands of your trusted aesthetician?

But then again, you hesitate at the thought of the idea and postpone it at an unknown time. Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of experiencing a major beauty transformation, and set the date instead.

But when should you do it? We got a few suggestions. Read on.



Before the big wedding

Whether you are the bride or just a guest of an upcoming wedding, do your part and prepare. It’s not like your aiming to attract all eyes on you during the reception. It’s just that you want to share the bride and groom’s happiness and celebrate with their professed commitment.

Feel beautiful too with silky smooth skin through Motif™ painless hair removal treatment. Who knows you’ll be the one to catch the bouquet? Any garter would slide slickly on any of your legs if they’re smooth and hair-free.

During bikini season

You worked hard for that beach bod to show off in summer, but you go shilly-shally knowing that there are unwanted hairs scattered all-over your legs, arms and bikini area. That’s a major turn-off!

Regular workout and a series of painless hair removal treatment sessions go hand in hand. You work on your physique, we work on the texture.



After getting a bonus

Don’t know how or where to spend your extra income? Spend it on an affordable skin care delight that you’ve been longing to have. A painless hair removal treatment, perhaps? Motif™ Hair Removal, powered by elōs technology, is the perfect skin care treat to indulge after acing the sales in the marketing team or after receiving a loyalty bonus.

Spend it because no one else deserves it better than you do.









If your body hair seems too overwhelming

There has to be a specific line that sets boundaries between what’s “enough” and “too much” when it comes to hair growth. Aside from the need of wanting to feel beautiful, painless hair removal treatments may be done for hygienic purposes as well.

Too much hair on specific parts of your body encourages perspiration where bacteria start to build up. And you know what bacteria do when they get together. They generate bad odor. By this, we can confidently say that Motif™ painless hair removal treatment is not only a thing for vanity, but most importantly for hygiene as well.

When your hair starts to regrow

You know you need to undergo a painless hair removal treatment when you’re too tired to shave, pluck and wax your unwanted hair repeatedly within a short period of time. Aside from being a time-consuming ritual you need to do weekly or monthly, it also requires you to exert troublesome effort.

A Motif™ painless hair removal treatment, powered by elōs technology, on the other hand, does not hassle you with very demanding needs consistently. It only takes a moment for you to be in your preferred skin care clinic to go through the process that promises you with long-lasting results – a smooth, hairless skin, that is.

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