Global warming

It’s December here in the Metro DC area; yet the temperature today hovered at 60 F. We have to stop and think – do we really want our great grandchildren to live in a world without trees and butterflies and frogs? What are we doing to stop the huge carbon footprint most Americans are leaving? Are we walking instead of driving? Buying local produce instead of interstate transported? Is that enough? The biggest problem continues to be the fossil fuel industry. We need to stop the demand and therefore the production of these fuels.
Look at your stock portfolio…do you have any stocks of the fossil fuel companies? Does your 401 invest in fossil fuels? Take your money out of their hands. If enough of us do this, they will begin to get the message and put $$ and research into renewable energy. We need to shut down the profit of fossil fuel.
Then – we will see very positive changes that will improve the outlook of our world and its future.

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