Hair Loss

Many of my patients are becoming ‘impatient’ with hair loss.There are many reasons for hair loss – hormonal, chemical, genetics, cardiovascular disease and stress. Some of the treatments today will prevent further loss; but, do not regenerate new hair follicles.

There is research being conducted looking at regeneration of follicles resulting in new hair growth. Two targets of research are stem cells and vitamin D. Research is growing stem cells and turning them into hair follicles. Vitamin D is being studied to reawaken ‘sleeping’ hair follicles. Neither method is ready for market yet. But, what research has shown is that vitamin D is essential in maintaining healthy hair. While it cannot regrow hair loss, it can help prevent further loss.

Vitamin D is found in some foods. We get most of our vitamin D from exposure to sunshine. There are severe problems of overdosing with vitamin D; however, so if you are not deficient do not take supplements.

The next time you get a physical exam ask to have your vitamin D level checked. If it is low, the provider will let you know what amount to take. It could save you some hair!

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