The Most-Talked about Pain-Free Hair Removal System

Many people ignore the idea of a beautiful transformation because of the notorious pain and price that come along with it. But what if this transformation comes without the hurting, the expensive pricing, and the inconvenient downtime? Many would come running to experience the physical change for themselves.

Motif™ Hair Removal, powered by elōs technology, is a must-try pain-free hair removal system that’s scientifically intended to suit the beauty needs of clients. Now, let me tell you why many people are talking about it now.



It’s good for all skin types

Every clinic that offers a pain-free hair removal system should not – by any means – discriminate any dermatological variations. Motif™ Hair Removal by elōs technology suits all skin types and hair colors. Proven to work effectively on a wide variety of skin and hair types, customers of Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic or African descents are very much welcome to experience the new-fashioned hair removal system.

It leaves skin smooth

Motif™ pain-free hair removal system is clinically designed to destroy hair shafts and follicles to prevent fast hair re-growth. Elōs technology uses a kind of system that combines optical energy and bipolar radio frequency that assures protection towards surrounding tissues. A few treatment sessions of the said system will not only leave you with hairless skin, but with smooth and glowing skin surface as well.

It has no downtime

Imagine going to a skin care clinic to experience the most talked about pain-free hair removal system, and going out after a few minutes as if nothing’s happened. This is what we call dermatological and aesthetic convenience. Motif™ Hair Removal, powered by elōs technology, being a painless process, requires no recovery time because of shorter treatment time than other hair removal systems. For people with very hectic schedules like the one you have, no time is wasted.

It is affordable

At the end of the day – instead of paying for the pain you have to go through with other hair removal treatments – with Motif™ pain-free hair removal system, you pay for beauty, comfort and efficiency within your means.

Experience the most-talked about pain-free hair removal system. Visit your trusted skin care clinic today and consult with your aesthetician for an appointment.

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