Winter Skin

Lower temperatures also means lower humidity.  While we often hear complaints about the high humidity in the DC region, when winter hits we start looking for skin lotions.

The best way to keep you skin moist is from the inside.  Drink extra water in the winter. Also, wet skin absorbs deeper than dry skin.  So when you finish your shower and BEFORE you dry off apply a mild oil onto your without additives.  Baby oil is good or an unscented lotion.  Then towel dry and reapply a lotion.  I like to use olive oil with an added aromatic oil.  If you can drink it, it must be safe for the skin, eh?

Try getting a humidifier for your bedroom.  Sleeping in too dry air can cause morning headaches and non-restful sleep.  Pay particular attention to your feet in the winter.  Be sure to scrap away dead skin and moisturize.

Use a moisturizer every night on your face, neck and hands just before you go to sleep.  Lack of activity will promote absorption.

If you suffer from winter eczema,  when you shower use soap only on the exogenous zones – arm pits and perineum.  Soap is irritating to skin and very drying.  Use only mild soap.

Am trying to keep up with my walking resolution.  Will report in at the end of the month.

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