Bathing Suit Fears

Memorial Day signals the beginning of summer. And the all too often dreaded bathing suit time. If you have been keeping up with the research on nutrition, you know that all evidence points to the need to be on a whole food, plant based diet. Animal protein and animal fat have proven to be linked

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4 Moments that Scream for Expert Skin Improvement

There is nothing wrong with using razors to get rid of excess body hair. It’s also not a crime to concoct a homemade skin rejuvenation cream you got from a quick online search. But you have to agree that nothing beats the work of a professional when it comes to skin rejuvenation and hair removal.

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AWFC Skin Care Splashes Freshness this Spring!

AWFC Skin Care puts the ring in spring! Our valued customers know how we take customer service seriously, and now that it’s spring season, we want to share a relaxing and fun treat to our Facebook fans. AWFC Skin Care has prepared not just one but two incredibly fun Facebook activities for our beloved clients.

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