How exercising keeps your cells young

There is much research going on to discover the process of aging. A recent study by German scientists studied men and women and the life span of their cells. Some of the people were young and sedentary, some middle aged and sedentary and two groups were very active. One of the active groups were professional

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Travel Immunizations

Different immunizations are required depending on where you are traveling. Even short trips of less than two weeks may require a booster or vaccination. Check out the website to investigate what you may need. If you have chronic problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, be sure and take a health record

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October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You may have noticed a recent ‘Run for the Cure’ race. October is breast cancer awareness month. Over 90% of breast cancer is curable if found in the early stages. So this is the month to get a mammogram..tell your sisters, nieces, aunts, daughters, mothers…to get screened. Early breast cancer may have no symptoms or

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Vitamin D

We have known about the relationship of sunlight exposure and vitamin D levels for over 60 yrs. In the past 20 years studies have shown that over exposure to UV from sunlight is linked to skin cancer. And as the use of sunscreen and limiting sun exposure has increased, our levels of vitamin D has

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