Travel Immunizations

Different immunizations are required depending on where you are traveling. Even short trips of less than two weeks may require a booster or vaccination. Check out the website to investigate what you may need.

If you have chronic problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, be sure and take a health record summary and sufficient medications. Take a list of your drugs in the generic form in case you need to get an overseas refill.

Medications for diarrhea, malaria and high altitude sickness
are often available to take with you as a precaution. Please ask your health care provider about this. And always pack a small health care kit of bandages, disinfectant, aspirin, diarrhea remedies, insect repellant and water purification tablets.
And check with your insurance company to see if/what it covers in health care outside the USA.

And of course, bring some photos back to share with your health care provider.

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