Holistic Medicine

If you have been coming to our practice for any length of time, you know that we are integrated and also very open to alternative medicine disciplines. We are now taking a more active role in using holistic medicines and alternative treatments. Part of this focus is the use of phytomedicinals – that is medicines

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Fight for Democracy

Some of you may remember Dr. Darwish who worked with us for over ten years. Dr. Darwish is currently in Egypt participating in the demonstrations and protests before their Parliament. Even though the Mubarek regime was ended; the military has taken control and very little in terms of rights has changed. I just saw a

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Stress and Its Effects

Much of the work I do in our practice centers around getting people to recognize the physical and emotional effects caused by stress. More and more, science is showing us how stress manifests itself in negative ways. The difference between those who are strongly affected and those who are not is simply a matter of

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