Stress and Its Effects

Much of the work I do in our practice centers around getting people to recognize the physical and emotional effects caused by stress. More and more, science is showing us how stress manifests itself in negative ways.

The difference between those who are strongly affected and those who are not is simply a matter of how the stress is managed. Everyone has some degree of stress in their lives. How we react to this stress is our design.

Stress – anxiety about the future and discomfort about the past. The simple answer is to live in the present moment – thus avoiding the distress of the past/future. The key is how to accomplish that.

Studies have shown that daily practitioners of meditation, yoga or tai chi have brain changes evidenced in MRIs.
Meditation and the two ‘moving meditations’ yoga and tai chi cause the practitioner to be in the present moment.
There are many beginner and advanced level groups of these disciplines. Check out ‘‘ for a group near your work or home.

Be pro-active in your quest to manage stress. Talk to me about it at our next visit.

Regarding my resolution – I have not managed to walk everyday. I am averaging about 4X a week. I have had several good hikes. My last hike was in the Bull Run Marina. It is about a 6.5 mile hike with some good hills.
This ‘winter’ has been delightfully mild and excellent for hikes.

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