After the Hurricaine

These natural disasters remind us to have an emergency plan. Batteries, first aid, water, non perishables and blankets..The shelves at the local Safeway were bare. I hope everyone survived this safely and without any untoward effects. Our office was closed yesterday; but, we are open again. Annandale Women and Family Center – Primary Care Physician 2839

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Social and cultural expectations of the up coming holiday season puts an increase stress on all of us. Some deal with this better than others. Stress is all about tomorrow and yesterday..rarely about today. So the trick is to get in the present moment and stay here. Three well documented methods of stress reduction are:

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Medication Disposal

Check your medicine cabinet or closet for expired drugs. Before throwing out any prescription bottles or boxes, be sure and scratch out all identifying information including the prescription renewal number. Some drugs give specific instructions on disposal including flushing down the toilet. Especially narcotic drugs should be flushed to prevent harming others. Some people are

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Flu Season

In the DC metro area the- flu season last through mid March. We give the immunizations at the end of October to provide longer coverage. The flu is an airborn virus – spreading from droplets from a cough or sneeze. Adults can spread the disease from day one before any symptoms appear through day five.

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