There is finally research being conducted on the benefits of probiotics. The most commonly used probiotic is ‘lactobacillis’. We are all born with close to 3 trillion types of bacteria in our gut. When we are sick, this closely regulated flora becomes disrupted. Probiotics help to restore the natural mix of flora. Our gut is like

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I think this is the purest holiday..time to sit and reflect on the gifts we have been given…time to share a meal with those we love..time to laugh at silly family jokes..time to eat our traditional foods..time to remember loved ones no longer here..time to surround ourselves with love and light Our family has Italian

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Lifestyle Changes

I talk about healthy lifestyle changes to many of my patients and friends and family.. I truly believe that we – each of us – has the capacity for major self healing on many levels. The biggest lifestyle change comes from silencing those negative voices in your head. Knowing that you are a lovable person

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Holidays Approaching

If you are suffering ‘gift idea blockage’..we have gift certificates for our skin care treatments. Come to the office and look over all the many options for a loved one. Skin care treatment for hair removal, acne and skin rejuvenation using the combined technology of pulsed light and radio frequency. Also skin care products from

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Sharing Yourself With Others

We are participating in an effort to restock the food pantries before Thanksgiving. Please bring non perishable goods…canned tuna, pasta, soups, etc to the office in bags before November 21st. We will deliver to the UCM. Many are without and can use all of our help. Thanks Annandale Women and Family Center – Obgyn Alexandria VA

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