Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season again. This year has been one of many changes in our practice. Hopefully, we emerge better because of them. The Chinese symbol for change is two characters..opportunity and peril. This new year – let changes happen to open your view of the world, to enhance your perspective of nature and to

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The recent shootings of children and teachers gives pause to us all. We must look at this violent aspect of our culture. USA has 87 gun related deaths each day. If you have a gun in your home, it is more likely to be used by a teenager in a suicide than to thwart off

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Many of my patients tell me they do not have time to exercise. Actually, (no sarcasm intended) all we have is time. It’s how we prioritize the use of our time that matters. When you were small, your parents had to force you to brush your teeth…remember? But, now you would not leave the house

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