The recent shootings of children and teachers gives pause to us all. We must look at this violent aspect of our culture. USA has 87 gun related deaths each day.

If you have a gun in your home, it is more likely to be used by a teenager in a suicide than to thwart off an invader. We must reevaluate our need to possess guns.

The second amendment was written by men who owned slaves, treated women as chattel and lived with and in  violence. Times have changed and so too must our culture.

The loss of a child is so horrific that we have no word for the surviving parent….we use the words orphan, widow, widower…but there is no word for a parent who has lost a child. And in the case of the murder of your child..the only word I can come up with is  ‘senseless.’
How can we allow this to continue in our society?

Please write your representatives and demand gun laws and gun enforcement laws.

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