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If you have been coming to our practice for any length of time, you know that we are integrated and also very open to alternative medicine disciplines.

We are now taking a more active role in using holistic medicines and alternative treatments. Part of this focus is the use of phytomedicinals – that is medicines derived from plants. The use of medicinal herbs has a long history.

What we are attempting here at Annandale Women & Family Center is to use only those herbs with proven efficacy. There are many herbs which claim to provide certain relief or cure; but often this is simply anecdotal and even folklore braggadocio.

There are several herbs which have stood to test of time.

As we continue to explore the use of medicinal herbs in the practice, we will also maintain our use of traditional medicines. It is the combination of these two disciplines and the understanding of how they interact that sets us apart from a more traditional practice.

We are currently looking at the benefits of ‘holy basil’ in our weight management program. Come in and discuss this with us. Holy basil has been used in India for thousands of years. It was primarily used to achieve a state of relaxation to aid in meditation practices.

One of the biggest problems with using herbs in the US is that the quality is not regulated. This means that you will achieve a different reaction to the herb depending upon company which prepared and packaged it. We are finding that the products prepared in Germany have the most consistent dose per unit. But we continue to explore this and will keep you informed.

Also remember that while the medicinal herbs are less potent than the chemical drugs they still have side effects and interact with other herbs and drugs you are using. Please check with us before starting any medicinal herb therapy. And when you come in bring all your current drugs and herbs being taken on a regular basis.

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