We are nearing the Spring equinox. This means longer times of sunshine and warmer breezes. The daffodils along Rock Creek Pkwy are nodding their appreciation of the dappled sun. Take a bike ride or a walk on one of the many trails along our Potomac River. The flowering trees have budded out early this year. Don’t forget to start your anti-histamines if you have spring seasonal allergies. If you use one of many nasal sprays – remember the mnemonic “stare at your toes squirt up your nose’…keep your head down not back when using nasal sprays otherwise the medication will go down the back of your throat and do little good.

Somewhere in a patch of ground near you..even if it is a pot of dirt on your window sill..plant some kitchen herbs. Fresh herbs which are handy for cooking will encourage you to make some fresh soups, salads and sauces. It doesn’t take up very much room to have a herb garden.

And if you are a tomato lover like me, now is the time to set those seeds indoors to ensure ripe garden tomatoes in July.

Spring also means time for baseball…see you at the Nats Park!

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