Vitamin D

We have known about the relationship of sunlight exposure and vitamin D levels for over 60 yrs. In the past 20 years studies have shown that over exposure to UV from sunlight is linked to skin cancer. And as the use of sunscreen and limiting sun exposure has increased, our levels of vitamin D has decreased.

Vitamin D has broad spectrum effects on our cells. It regulates calcium and phosphorous, helps cell growth and decreases the risk of some forms of colon and breast cancer. There is continuing research looking at the correlation between vitamin D and several other forms of cancer and medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer dementia.  Vitamin D is essential in bone health.
The daily recommended dose of vitamin D3 for adults is between 1-2000 international units a day. Increasing BMI and age are risk factors for vitamin D deficiency. And decreased exposure to sunlight or use of sunscreen also decreases the amount of vitamin D.
Be sure to have your vitamin D levels checked at your annual physical exam.

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