Allergy Season

The DC metro area is one of the highest allergy rated nationwide. If you are feeling extra fatigue, experiencing nasal congestion or constant throat clearing…ahem…you could be one of this area’s allergan victims.

Many of the over the counter antihistamnes will take care of symptoms. If you try the medications for a week and do not get any relief, come into the office for a consult.
If your symptoms are associated with a fever or a productive cough, it is probably not allergies.

One of the best things to help control these allergies is to take a night time shower. Washing off all the pollen and allergy particles before you go to bed will help tremendously. Also be very wary of room or house humidifiers..they make the mold and spore count increase drastically. If you must use one – be sure and add the bacteriostatic solution for humidifiers daily.

Don’t let allergy season keep you indoors. This is the time of year to get outside and enjoy the great DC spring weather. Take an antihistamine. And call your nurse practitioner if it doesn’t work.

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