Many of the new year resolutions are about cravings – either curbing or sustaining. We want to curb our appetite for cigarettes, food, alcohol, sex etc. We want to sustain our cravings for economic growth, health, and relationships.

Do you remember the hobbit who went off the charts with craving? ‘My precious” .. a not too subtle reminder that cravings tend to take over our lives. As soon as we get what we crave..we want ‘more’.

This year let’s try to be content. Let’s resolve to give thanks for all we have – no matter how little or much it may be. Alice Walker said ” this could be our revolution: to love what is plentiful as well as what is scarce.”

A Unitarian minister, Forrest Church, put is this way:

“Want what you have
Be who you are
Do what you can”

I like those words – I especially like the ‘do what you can’ as I have always tended to try to do more than possible and berate myself for not doing more.

Want what you have – we all have gifts to be thankful for..but do we all ‘want’ everything we have?

Be who you are – fulfill your quest in life by doing what brings you bliss..if you find joy in the doing then the doing is what you should continue.

I wish for a contented 2013 for us all.

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