So many are seeking happiness…’if I get this new job..if i find a love of my life..if I loose 20 lbs..if I pay off my car..if I get out of debt..if I can take a trip to Asia..”

But ‘happiness’ does not lie – out there. It is not to be found in an external quest. We make our own happiness. We live our life with or without joy totally depending on our self.

This week our assignment is to live each day with exuberance … if we cannot do the task at hand with exuberance, we will do it with joy…if we cannot find joy we will find acceptance. So by doing this- positive energy will enter each day and each task will be done agreeably.

By allowing positive energy into our daily life, we will experience joy and happiness.

Happiness is within each of us. This week..let’s allow our selves to expand and let the joy and exuberance of life come into each moment of each day. This week let us not worry about ‘what ifs’..rather let us live fully in this moment and smile knowing we are the best we can be.

This week every time we hear a bell tone – stop, take a deep breath and let the joy of life fully enter our being.

Every time we hear a bell tone – break out into a smile and know that happiness is ours to take and to have.

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