This year, because of economic restraints, many of my friends, family and patients are cutting back on shopping, card sending, and party going. What they are finding is a much less stressful season. They are making gifts rather than buying; having office parties on site; giving more volunteer time to charities. Isn’t this more reflective of what this winter holiday is all about?

Take some deep breaths this season. The beginning of winter and the shortest day of the year is this month. A time when our environment lies bare. The duality of life is so apparent. Leaves have fallen. The skeletal trees show us just how very fragile and very sturdy life is.

This season take hold of each moment – each precious moment – knowing it will never be repeated and squeeze out all the joy you can. Sing silly songs, dance on your front sidewalk, embrace your life. Live each day with exceptional exuberance.
When you wish for Peace on Earth..remember that peace starts with you. Be peace. Live peace.

This is my holiday wish for each of you.

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