Food Cravings

There has been a lot of research on how to end a food craving. I thought I’d share a few ideas with you. Apparently, women (even those not pregnant) have a higher percentage of cravings than men. Also younger people have a more of a sweet tooth than older folks. Yet another advantage to moving toward the top of the hill.

Once upon a time, research leaned toward the premise that food cravings translated into a nutrient deficiency. So a craving for meat meant one needed protein. Chocolate cravings meant a shortage of magnesium. But those theories have been tossed aside.

Now, the thinking is that food cravings are the result of complex social, psychological and environmental issues. In fact, many cultures and languages have no word for ‘craving.’ It seems to be rampant in USA.

Here are some tips on resisting the craving:

* identify the taste. sometimes imagining the taste will satisfy the urge.
* take a seep sniff of a strong scented item like jasmine or peppermint to distract the senses
* exercise for a quick jolt of endorphins
* eat a small- that’s small – portion in the middle of a meal or immediately after a meal.

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